Clinical-Counseling Course Syllabi

Required Classes (33 Hours)

PSYC7100 Intellectual Assessment (4 hrs.)
PSYC7110 Personality Assessment (4 hrs.) 
PSYC7200 Psychopathology (3 hrs.) 
PSYC7400 Counseling Theories and Practice (3 hrs.) 
PSYC7450 Group Counseling (3 hrs.) 
PSYC7470 Counseling Culturally Diverse Populations (3 hrs.) 
PSYC7900 Prepracticum (3 hrs.) 
PSYC7971/7972 Practicum (two semesters, two credits each; 4 total hrs.) 
PSYC8000 Research Design (3 hrs.) 
PSYC8800 Legal and Ethical Issues in Psychology (3 hrs.)

Electives (12 hours required)

PSYC7120 Academic and Behavioral Assessment (4 hrs.)
PSYC7420 Counseling Children and Adolescents (3 hrs.) 
PSYC7670 Social Psychology 
PSYC7820 Career Counseling (3 hrs.) 
PSYC8150 Behavioral Health Care Systems 
PSYC8200 Child and Adolescent Psychopathology (3 hrs.) 
PSYC8250 Developmental Psychology (3 hrs.) 
PSYC8400 Special Topics in Applied Psychology (3 hrs.) 
PSYC8610 Behavior Modification (3 hrs.)
PSYC8999 Thesis (3 hrs.) 
PSYC8600 or PSYC8610 as above (3 hrs.)


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