Center for Gifted Studies

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We believe that as gifted individuals, you have a right... know about your giftedness. learn something new every day. be passionate about your talent area without apologies. have an identity beyond your talent area. feel good about your accomplishments. make mistakes. seek guidance in the development of your talent. have multiple peer groups and a variety of friends. choose which of your talent areas you wish to pursue. not be gifted at everything.

 -Del Siegle (2007-2009 NAGC President) Gifted Children's Bill of Rights


Our Mission is to...

  • Develop Talent, Creativity, & Critical Thinking in Individuals with Gifts and Talents.
  • Support Cognitive, Social, Emotional, & Wisdom Development in Individuals with Gifts and Talents.
  • Study the Nature, Identification, Assessment, and Evaluation of Individuals with Gifts and Talents.
  • Create Curriculum, Methods, and Materials appropriate for Individuals with Gifts and Talents.

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Our mission is to help address the variety of needs of individuals with gifts and talents.  Our mission is ambitious, but our efforts are necessary as expressed by Whitaker and Robinson from the Atlanta Journal Constitution, in "Gifted Students Bored and Ignored."  Please visit our website often for updates on our activities and please feel free to contact the Center for Gifted Studies as needed.