Graduation and Teacher Certifications Requirements

All persons pursuing MGE program leading to teacher certification must fulfill all of the following in addition to the requirements stipulated in the undergraduate bulletin. Although advisors are available to assist students in all matters related to academic advisement, the major responsibility for meeting these requirements rests with the student.

Health and Physical Education

The College of Education requires all majors leading to teacher certification to complete courses in health and physical education. This requirement is met by taking KSPE 2000, two physical education activity courses, and the first aid/CPR course, KSPE 2150.

Georgia Teacher Certification Testing Program

The Georgia Professional Standards Commission requires applicants seeking initial certification to demonstrate proficiency in their certification area by passing the tests appropriate to their program of study. These certification tests are the GACE Basic Skills Assessments (or exemption scores on the SAT, ACT , or GRE) and GACE Content Assessments. A passing score must be obtained on these tests and a copy of the student’s scores (all four pages) must be submitted to the Dean’s Office before the College of Education will recommend students for an initial Georgia certificate. The GACE Basic Skills Assessment is required for certification, and this requirement is met through the admission requirements for teacher education.

The certification tests are given periodically during the school year at test locations throughout the state. Students are encouraged to register for their respective tests when they have completed their content courses or during the first semester of the senior year. These tests may be repeated as needed to achieve the required passing score.

Certification Programs for Students with Degrees

Students who already have a degree and are coming to Valdosta State University to obtain a teaching certificate should first check on their eligibility for admission to teacher education. If the student qualifies for Teacher Education, he or she should complete a “certification evaluation” form, which may be obtained from the Dean’s Office. The completed form will be sent to the appropriate department where the student’s transcripts will be reviewed and a certification program developed. A certification evaluation fee will be charged for the development of this individualized plan. Certification students must meet admission to teacher education requirements.

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