Checklist For Undergraduates MGE Majors

  • GACE I Basic Skills Assessment - Register for the GACE Basic Skills Assessment during your freshman year. Prepare for the tests in math, reading, and writing. Areas passed are banked and only those failed must be taken again.
  • Admission to the Teacher Education Program -
    1. Have a major leading to teacher certification.
    2. Have earned at least 30 semester hours.
    3. Have achieved at least a overall 2.75 for all majors (except Communication Disorders or Art Education, which is 3.0 GPA).
    4. Have met the Regents requirement by passing ENGL 1102 with appropriate grade for major.
    5. Have passed the Reading, Writing, and Mathematics portions of the GACE Basic Skills Assessment,  or exempted with scores of SAT-1000+, ACT-43+ (English and Math), and GRE-1030+ (verbal and quantitative).
    6. Successful completion of appropriate "2999" courses
    7. Complete a criminal background check.
    8. Have professional liability insurance through membership in PAGE or GAE
    9. Have purchased Live Text and attended orientation session for Live Text .
  • Admission to Senior Block Program - Students are required to make application for admission to the Senior Block Program during the semester before they plan to begin their Senior Program. Application forms are available in the MSRD Office and should be completed with designated advisors. Students must have an overall 2.75 major GPA and completed all course work prior to Senior Block and Student Teaching.
  • Completion of Course Work - All junior and senior level course work, including Area F courses, must be completed with grade "C" or above. However, to be eligible for student teaching, an overall grade point average of 2.75 or above must be earned. 
  • Application for Undergraduate Degree - During the advising period two semesters prior to the expected graduation date, The Application for Undergraduate Degree Form should be completed by the student and the advisor. Copies of the form may be secured from the Department of Middle, Secondary, Reading, and Deaf Education office in the Education Center, the Registrar's Office, or outside the COE Dean's Office. A copy of the program of study must accompany the application.
  • Application for Student Teaching - Application forms should be secured from the Office of Teacher Certification and Field Placements, College of Education, completed and returned to that office. This form should be completed one semester prior to the anticipated student teaching semester. Those students who plan to student teach in the fall should submit their applications early in spring semester. Watch for signs to be posted in the Education Center for application deadline dates for student teaching.
  • GACE Content Assessments- (taking both assessments in content areas is required for graduation) Passing two GACE Content Assessments is required for teacher certification in Georgia. Information about testing dates and locations is available at the GACE web site. It is recommended that this test be taken during Block A of the senior program..
  • Application for Certification - This procedure is completed during the student teaching semester. Forms will be completed during student teaching meeting early in the semester with the Director of Teacher Certification in the COE.
  • Establishment of Placement File - Although optional, it is recommended that students establish files with the Office of Career Services.

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