Using the Plan of Study Form

  • Plan of Study form
  • Special Topics are electives. As currently offered, there is a 3 credit offering in the Fall (Diverse Families: Clinical Practice), and two 1-credit courses, one in the Fall and one in the Spring. Five elective credits are required for graduation.
  • The earliest you can schedule your first practicum is your 2nd fall semester.
  • You must take 3 semesters of practicum.
  • Practica (the 3 semesters of practicum) must occur consecutively across one year. If you fail a Practicum, you must take an additional practicum course.
  • If you withdraw from any practicum, you lose the time you have built toward meeting the consecutive practica requirement. When you resume MFTH 7600 MFTH Practicum in MFT, your accrual of months spent in practicum resets back to the first practicum. You must complete one consecutive year of enrollment with the re-entered practicum as the new beginning of the one year requirement.
  • By the time you've completed the three consecutive semesters of clinical practica, you must have accrued 600 hours of client contact and 100 hours of supervision.