New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation will be held in the MFT Classroom the Friday before classes start in the Fall.  We keep you busy most of the day, so plan on a "working lunch" with faculty and your new classmates.  It is important that you print out a copy of the MFT Clinical Training and Personal Disclosure Policy.  Please read the document and note any questions.  We will review the policy during our orientation session, and you must turn in a signed copy during the orientation meeting.  

Prior to orientation, a few things must be completed: 

  1. The online Graduate School Orientation
  2. Background check: All students are required to complete a background check prior to the first day of classes.
    • The purpose code for the required background check is "W"

Our Clinic Director, Tabitha McCoy, will also begin placing orders for business cards on orientation day.  It is recommended that students bring $15 with them, to cover the cost of their business cards. 

To get a preview of your Fall classes, check the MFT Program Requirement page, and University Class Schedule page.