Multicultural Student Resources

MESA is a group of faculty and staff who provide activities that mentor, engage, support, and promote the academic achievement of Hispanic students through organized collaborative efforts.
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Multicultural Affairs at VSU 
The mission of the Office of Equal Opportunity Programs and Multicultural Affairs is to promote and sustain an environment of diversity, equity, respect, and inclusiveness for all members of the university community through education, intervention, compliance, training, assessment, programming and support services.

Student Life
The mission of the Office of Student Life is to promote student development and leadership by providing quality programs and services that fulfill the diverse educational, recreational, social, and multicultural needs of the student population and the university community. If you are interested in viewing student organizations offered at Valdosta State University, click here.

Valdosta State University Gay-Straight Alliance 
The purpose of the Gay-Straight Alliance is to foster an active and diverse culture at Valdosta State University.  The Gay-Straight Alliance provides opportunities for students to build friendships and encourages open-mindedness and diversity within the community.

Community Friends for International Students 
The purpose of community friends for international students is to give each new VSU international student a friend in the Valdosta community who will become a resource for the student and help the student in times of homesickness and cultural adjustment.  A Community Friend also provides the student an opportunity to share his/her culture. The Friend can be an individual or an entire family.  By inviting an international student to dinner, taking her to the mall, or participating in other such social activities, a Community Friend helps an international student feel welcome and helps compensate for the separation from friends and family. This is also a unique opportunity to learn about another culture and country and make a difference in the life of an international student. For more information, contact Irina McClellan, International Student Advisor, 229-333-7410. 

Funding and Grant Opportunities

Grants for Multicultural Students 
A web site which offers multicultural students opportunities for grants at all school levels and for various degrees

Academic Information 
A Web site which offers multicultural student resources and scholarship opportunities:

A web site which offers links and information on financial aid funding and fellowships:

Hispanic Scholarship Fund 
HSF is the nation’s leading organization supporting Hispanic higher education. HSF was founded in 1975 with a vision to strengthen the country by advancing college education among Hispanic Americans, the largest minority segment of the U.S. population. In support of its mission to double the rate of Hispanics earning college degrees, HSF provides the Latino community more college scholarships and educational outreach support than any other organization in the country.

The United Negro College Fund 
UNCF is the nation’s largest, oldest, most successful and most comprehensive minority higher education assistance organization. UNCF provides operating funds and technology enhancement services for 38 member historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs), scholarships and internships for students at almost 1,000 institutions and faculty and administrative professional training.

National Consortium 
The National Consortium of Directors of Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender Resources in Higher Education has a combined vision and mission on the Consortium is to achieve higher education environments in which lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender students, faculty, staff, administrators, and alumni have equity in every respect.

The American Indian Graduate Center 
AIGC is unique in the higher education landscape in the support and services provided and in having grown in its services by expanding partnerships with other agencies. We now collaborate with like-minded organizations and graduate schools that support many of our American Indian and Alaska Native students. For over thirty years the American Indian Graduate Center (AIGC) has awarded more than 9000 fellowships to qualified Native American and Alaska Native students to pursue graduate degrees in all fields.