Card Swipe

All new students will need to request door access to FamilyWorks. You will find the electronic door access request form online at: This application tells the Key Shop to enable your 1Card to act as a swipe key that gives you 24/7/365 access to the clinic.


Here is the information that is required on the form:

·         First Name =

·         Last Name =

·         VSU ID# = (this is your VSU 9-digit 870 number)

·         Department = Marriage and Family Therapy

·         Job Title = Student VSU Email =

·         The building is Family Therapy Program

·         Door Access Location = FamilyWorks and MFT Program, Swipe entry for outer breezeway door, inner breezeway door, Student Break Room door, & the end of the classroom hallway door.

·         When you want access = You want access 24/7

·         Expiration = your anticipated date of graduation

·         Reason for Request = access to clinical and MFT program work space

·         Status = Student or Graduate Assistant

·         Dean or Dept. Head VSU Email =

Don't forget to enter the security code at the bottom of the form!

The Swipe Card office will assign you a pin number and tell you how to find it on Banner.


If you have trouble with your swipe card at any time, please tell Martha Laughlin, Program Director. She’ll work with the Swipe Card office to fix the problem.