Card Swipe

All new students need to request door access to FamilyWorks. You will find the electronic door access request form online at: This application tells the Key Shop to enable your 1Card to act as a swipe key that will allow you to access the clinic 24/7/365.

Here is assistance to help you fill out all of the required fields on the form:
  • First Name =
  • Last Name =
  • VSU ID# = (this will be your 9 digit number that starts with 870)
  • Department = Marriage and Family Therapy
  • Job Title = Student VSU Email=
  • The building is the Continuing Education Building Family Therapy Program Program
  • Door Access Location = FamilyWorks and MFT Therapy Program, Swipe entry for Gordon Street door, Break Room door, & the end of the classroom hallway door.
  • When you want access = You want access 24/7.
  • Expiration = your anticipated date of graduation
  • Reason for Request = access to clinical and MFT program work space.
  • Status = Student or Graduate Assistant
  • Dean or Dept. Head VSU Email =

Don't forget to enter the security code at the bottom of the form!