Business Cards

You will need business cards during your time in this program. During your first year, you will be doing service learning, some of which involves handing out business cards. When you reach your clinical year, you are going to be using business/appointment cards for a variety of reasons—you will most certainly be giving them to clients so that they know the date and time of their next appointment.Take a look at this picture of an VSU MFT student business card. All student cards are uniform, exactly the same, with the exception of your name. On the front, each card shows the clinic address, phone, and fax. On the back are blank slots for your client’s name, date, and time of next appointment.

You can purchase your cards wherever you wish. You have the option of using the VSU Printing Office, which is directly across the street from the University Center. The door to the printing office is on the side of the building, just off a small, narrow parking lot. If you’re unsure how to get there, pull down a VSU campus map online.

Here’s how to purchase your cards at the VSU print shop: 

  • Introduce yourself to a second year student, and ask for one of his or her cards. Cross out that person’s name and print your own. DO NOT CHANGE--ADD or DELETE—OTHER INFORMATION ON THE CARD, PARTICULARLY, do not add EMAIL ADDRESSES OF ANY SORT. (There are particular legal and ethical complexities with giving clients email addresses).
  • Then, pair up with another student in your first year class who needs cards. Go to the print office, hand them your two cards, and tell them that the two of you wish to buy a box of 500 cards (the minimum that can be ordered). This will cost around $32 (last year’s price), which means that you’ll each get 250 cards with your name on them for $16. You must pay cash for these cards at the Printing office at the time that you place the order.
  • Make sure you leave a phone number and/or email address so the print office can contact you when your cards are ready for pickup.