Business Cards

You will need business cards during your time in this program. During your first year, you will be doing service learning, some of which involves handing out business cards. When you reach your clinical year, you are going to be using business/appointment cards for a variety of reasons—you will most certainly be giving them to clients so that they know the date and time of their next appointment.Take a look at this picture of an VSU MFT student business card. All student cards are uniform, exactly the same, with the exception of your name. On the front, each card shows the clinic address, phone, and fax. On the back are blank slots for your client’s name, date, and time of next appointment.

During New Student Orientation, we will be collecting money (last year it was $25.) from each student. We will be sending the total monies collected, along with the list of student names, to the VSU Print Shop where we will place a bulk order for student business cards each year. A couple of weeks after school starts, you will receive your own business cards.