Initial Advising

At the beginning of each Fall semester, all new students attend a day-long MFT Orientation meeting. During this meeting, students complete an Individual Coursework Form and an MFT Graduation Plan. Blank forms will be provided during the orientation session. Blank forms can also be downloaded from the Student Resources page.

During the orientation session, each student is assigned an advisor. Students who are unable to attend the orientation meeting schedule an individual meeting with their assigned advisor.

After the orientation meeting/advising session, your advising plan will be reviewed and approved by your advisor.

Advisors retain the original copy of the Individual Coursework form and MFT Graduation Plan form. These forms, including all revisions, become part of the student file. Copies of the original forms are given to the student for his or her future reference.

During the orientation session, students are given the opportunity to register for classes.

Students who plan on going through the program more slowly than the two year plan should contact their advisor and schedule a meeting prior to the day-long MFT Orientation meeting. This ensures that students who move through the program using the 3 or 4 year plans create an Individual Course Work Forms and a Graduation Plans that meet all graduation requirements and optimizes the order in which classes are taken.