Greetings from the Department Head

FamilyWorks: "Difference that makes a difference"

Hello, I am Dr. Kate Warner,

I am the MFT Department Head. Did you know? Todays family therapists are employed in an array of settings including public and private businesses and mental health agencies, schools, hospitals, medical family therapy offices, clinics, geriatrics, police departments, the court system, the Veterans Administration, prisons, health maintenance organizations (HMOs), home-based therapy, private practice, and many more. And, it might interest you to know that according to the recent ranking of the 100 "Best Jobs" by CNN Money/, working as a Marriage and Family Therapist is the 42nd best job in America. This ranking was higher than several other mental health professions, including clinical psychologists (ranked 55), psychiatrist (ranked 78), and psychiatric nurses (ranked 85). The article estimates that the MFT profession currently has 36,000 jobs, a growth rate of 41.2%, and that its top earners are making around $120,000. In addition, the article notes that the grades MFT's give the quality of their professional lives broke out like this: MFTs report an "A" in "benefit to society," "B" in "flexibility and "personal satisfaction," and a "C" in "low stress."

So welcome to learnng the art and science of change in VSU's Marriage and Family Therapy program, a superb, vibrant, and growing program.

MFT Department faculty members are Clinical Fellows with the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT). The MS in Marriage and Family Therapy Program is accredited by the
Commission on Accreditation for Marriage and Family Therapy Training and Education (COAMFTE).    

The Marriage and Family Therapy program is committed to the principle that in no aspect shall there be differences in the treatment of persons because of age, race, culture, national origin, gender, religion, sexual orientation, social class, or disability, and that equal opportunity and access to facilities shall be available to all.