B.S.Ed. in Health & Physical Education

Bachelor of Science in Education, Health & Physical Education
The Bachelor of Science in Education degree (B.S.Ed.) with a major in health and physical education prepares students to teach health and physical education from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade (P-12). Upon successful completion of the degree program and posting a passing score on the GACE teacher certification exam in the area of health and physical education, students are eligible for the T-4 (professional) teaching certificate from the State of Georgia. Both the undergraduate and graduate teacher education programs are approved by the National Council on Accreditation for Teacher Education (NCATE) and the National Association of Sport and Physical Education (NASPE).

Certification Only Option in Health & Physical Education
The certification only option in health and physical education is designed for those individuals who currently hold an undergraduate degree from an accredited four-year institution and are seeking to become certified to teach health and physical education in the state of Georgia.  Individuals considering this option must meet all the requirements for admission to the Teacher Education program in the College of Education at Valdosta State University as would any other student.  If the student qualifies for admission to the Teacher Education program, he/she should complete a "Certification Evaluation" request, which may be obtained from the Dean's Office.  The completed form and student transcripts will be evaluated by the certification specialist in the Department of Kinesiology & Physical Education and a certification program developed.  A fee of $35 (payable in the Dean's Office) is charged for the evaluation and development of individualized plan.  (To review the certification only checklist, please click on the appropriate link at left under Selected Health & Physical Education Links.)

Selected Educational Outcomes

Students who graduate from the Health and Physical Education Teacher Preparation Program will demonstrate:

  1. Content knowledge related to the development of a physically educated person

  2. Competency across a wide variety of fitness, individual, team, outdoor, recreational, and rhythmic activities

  3. The ability to use information technology to enhance student learning and professional productivity

  4. An understanding of how individuals learn and develop within the physical, cognitive, and affective domains

  5. The ability to implement effective long- and short-term planning; safe, highly motivated, and well managed instructional strategies; and varied, sequential curriculum development across all levels of school programming (P-12), including students with special needs.

Selected Outcome Assessments

Students recommended for certification are required to:

  1. Achieve a grade of “C” or higher in all upper-division courses of the program and pass the Health and Physical Education Praxis II Exams

  2. Demonstrate skills and fitness in all required technique courses

  3. Utilize profession-specific computer applications and the Internet across the program, culminating with the electronic portfolio

  4. Demonstrate the application of knowledge related to motor development and learning, anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics through satisfactory completion of written assessments, projects, laboratory experiences, and oral presentations

  5. Develop and implement lesson, unit, and annual plans, as well as student assessments through micro-teaching experiences, small group practicum teaching episodes, all pre-intern field experience planning and instructional requirements, capstone student teaching requirements, and electronic portfolio development in LIveText.