Educator Preparation Council

Dewar College of Education and Human Services

Committee Description:

The Educator Preparation Council is a standing committee of the COEHS as mandated by the COEHS Policy and Procedures. The Educator Preparation Council provides a forum for the exchange of ideas relating to the preparation of teachers and other school personnel. This council promotes collaboration between the university and school partners in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of educator preparation programs ultimately resulting in recommendations to the Dean for continuous improvement.


Committee Structure:

The council is composed of individuals from a variety of stakeholder groups including p-12 practitioners, university faculty members, and students. Public school representatives include an elementary school teacher, a middle school teacher, a high school teacher, and a school/system administrator. The College of Education and Human Services is represented by one faculty member from each  initial or advanced educator preparation program (career and technical education, early childhood, special education, health and physical education, middle grades education, secondary education, deaf education, curriculum and instruction, instructional technology, educational leadership, counselor education, communication disorders, and reading) and the Director of Field Experiences. The College of Arts representatives include a faculty member from art education and music education. The College of Arts and Sciences is represented by a faculty member from math education and the Associate Dean. The COA is represented by two at-large faculty members. An undergraduate and a graduate student will also serve on this committee.