Conceptual Framework Committee

Dewar College of Education and Human Services

Committee Description:

The Conceptual Framework Committee is a standing committee of the COEHS as mandated by the COEHS Policy and Procedures. The Conceptual Framework Committee provides a forum for the continuous evaluation of the COEHS Conceptual Framework in respect to updates in the COEHS, professional association, and/or state standards and assessments. This committee oversees the integration of the conceptual framework into all educator preparation programs and practices. Committee members are responsible for making recommendations to the Dean for continuous improvement and communicating the conceptual framework to all faculty and stakeholders associated with the preparation of educators.


Committee Structure

The committee is composed of individuals from a variety of stakeholder groups including p-12 practitioners, university faculty members, and students. The College of Education and Human Services is represented by one faculty member from each department with an undergraduate and/or graduate educator preparation program and one Dean’s office representative. The College of Arts representatives include a faculty member from art education or music education. The College of Arts and Sciences is represented by a faculty member from math or foreign language education and one at-large faculty member. Two p-12 educators will represent our public school partners. An undergraduate and a graduate student will also serve on this committee.