Instructional Technology

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Degree Concentration Programs 

The Instructional Technology (IT) programs allow candidates to obtain advanced degrees, certifications, and/or endorsement in the rapidly growing field of instructional technology. Georgia media specialists, technology coordinators, and other educators and trainers with a degree in any field are invited to apply.

Each degree level and each concentration can lead to state certification if and when a candidate passes the required state tests and applies for said certification. Certification in the area of Instructional Technology (IT) is NEW to the state of Georgia and we are proud to invite you to come be among the first in the state to obtain IT certification.

  1. Technology Applications for both P-12 Educators and Non P-12 Personnel

The Technology Applications Concentration prepares candidates to be technology coaches, coordinators, or instructional technologists in a variety of contexts: public schools, business, industry, government, the military, health fields, and higher education.

2.   Library Media

The Library Media Concentration prepares candidates to be Media Specialists in public schools; to practice the standards of the American Association of School Librarians; and to design, develop, utilize, manage, and evaluate instructional technology.

Within each concentration we also offer two levels of degrees
  1. Master of Education (M.Ed.)  
  2. Education Specialist (Ed.S.)  

Certification-Only and Endorsement Programs