Course Descriptions

Ed.S. in Instructional Technology with a Technology Applications Concentration


ITED 8100 Theories, Models, and Perspectives of Instructional Technology.  Model and facilitate the use of theoretical perspectives concerning digital citizenship, change, communication, diversity, learning, and instruction for the legal and ethical integration of instructional technology in learning environments.


ITED 8200 Instructional Design for Training and Education.  Applications of systematic design principles to address an identified need in a training or learning context. Addresses learner characteristics, assessment (diagnostic, formative, summative), message design, and instructional strategies to support and enhance higher order thinking skills.


ITED 8300 Technology Tools for Training and Education. Application of various technologies and products for instructional development. Includes in-depth use of computer-related technology tools to design and create effective instructional materials and assist other educators in similar tasks that use technology to improve teaching, learning, and assessment.


ITED 8400 Technology for Learning Environments: Evaluation, Selection, Management, and Collaboration. Practical experiences as evaluators and consumers of educational technology based on research and review of commercial, educational, and other authoritative sources. Includes facilitation of assistive/adaptive technology, troubleshooting of software and hardware, resource accuracy, and suitability of technology tools for learning environments.


ITED 8500 Leadership in Instructional Technology. The study and implementation of theories and techniques for working with individuals and groups to develop a shared vision for the use of technology in learning environments, to design and communicate a strategic plan, and to demonstrate leadership toward securing resources needed to implement the plan.


ITED 8600 Professional Development and Program Evaluation. The study and implementation of needs assessment and program evaluation to inform the content and delivery of technology-based professional learning programs.


ITED 8960 Discipline-based Best Practices Literature. Analysis of discipline-specific literature and synthesis of research through application of the conventions of academic writing using the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.


ITED 8970 Action Research Methods and Planning. Prerequisite ITED 8960.  Application of the ethics and principles of action research. Includes design of technology-enhanced learning experiences and planning for subsequent evaluation to improve instruction and learning.


ITED 8999 Action Research Project. Implement research-based interventions to improve instructional practice and maximize learning. Use of digital tools and resources to systematically collect and analyze data, interpret results, and communicate findings. Final phase of the Education Specialist field experience. May be repeated.