Applying for Graduation

Students applying for graduation should complete application materials during the semester prior to the term in which you will complete all graduation requirements for your degree.

The most recent Graduate Catalog contains general information and can be accessed online at the VSU catalog. Applications submitted after the deadline may delay graduation by a semester.

Once the below requirements are completed, students must fill out a Graduation Application

Students applying for graduation with an Educational Leadership degree must complete the following steps:

  • Complete Section A and B, then sign and date Section C of the Graduate Application form. Provide a local phone number and accurate information. This will be used for correspondence and diploma order.
  • Complete the appropriate Program of Study by completing the personal information at the top of the form and the semester, year, and grade for each course completed. Record the semester and year for each course in progress, and record the anticipated semester/year for each course yet to be completed. Sign and date the Program of Study.

  • Candidates should print and attach to their program of studies a copy of their most recent transcript.

  • Pay graduation fee to the Bursary in person, via telephone, or on-line. Candidates will receive a receipt number. Record this number in the upper right corner of the Graduation Application and attach the receipt to the application.

  • Complete the Graduate Student Questionnaire and the New Alumni Data Sheet. They are respectively gold and shrimp in color.

  • After completing each of the above steps, contact the Graduation Coordinator (Dr. J. Patrick Biddix) to complete the application. The Graduation Coordinator can assist in completing any course substitutions you may have had. Signatures on the original forms are required by the candidate, the advisor, the department head, etc. before they will be processed.

  • Candidates will receive their completed applications by mail.

  • Candidates are responsible for delivering the completed graduation application to the Registrar’s office. The Registrar's office will send the candidate a graduation audit letter informing them of any items not completed.

Additional Information:

  • If candidates do not complete requirements during the term indicated on the Application form you should immediately notify the Registrar's office.

  • Candidates should arrange the purchase of the cap, gown and hood with the VSU Bookstore at (229) 333-5666

  • A graduation fee must be paid at the Bursary prior to final evaluation. This fee is valid for one year beyond the initial term selected for completing degree requirements.

  • A 3.0 cumulative GPA on all graduate courses completed at VSU after acceptance to the Graduate School is required for graduation.

  • All financial obligations to the university (parking tickets, etc) must be cleared before an official diploma will be issued.

  • All requirements outlined in the Graduate Catalog must be met prior to graduation