COEHS Student Advising Center

The Dewar College of Education & Human Services (COEHS) Student Advising Center takes pride in helping students succeed in their program of study.

At Valdosta State University, advising is a collaborative process designed to help students:

  • succeed academically;
  • develop an appropriate educational plan leading to graduation;
  • focus on their life beyond the university; and
  • play a responsible and proactive role in their own education.

Advising Evaluation

New freshmen are advised through Centralized Advising located in the University Center. The COEHS Advising Center (COEHS-SAC) advises students after their freshman year until they enter into the professional courses of their major. Once accepted into their professional program, students move into the department of their major for advising. This provides them an opportunity to work with professors in their major who will ensure they stay on the right track. The COEHS wants students' college experience to be as positive as possible and receiving the correct advice is the best way to begin. Choose the link that best fits your status.

I am a new freshman in the COEHS

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I am a new transfer student in the COEHS.

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