Changing my Major to the College of Education

I am changing my major to a major in the College of Education.

First, make sure your GPA meets the requirements of the major to which you want to change, also take note of those majors with fall only start dates.


Fall Start Only


Fall Start Only



Fall Start Only




Deaf Ed/2.75-Fall Start Only




Fall Start Only


Fall Start Only

Go to the department of your major and ask for a major change form; have them sign it and give you your folder. Bring the signed form along with your folder to the COE Advising Center, room 1020 in the Education Center. They should sign the form. Bring it along with your folder to the Ed Center room 1020 and once completed, the form goes to the Registrar’s Office. In addition, you should discuss your major change with someone in the Advising Center and be advised of your new major’s requirements. If no one is able to discuss your major change with you at this time, set up a time to come back when someone can go over all requirements. Once finalizing this change, you should check Banner to determine whom your new advisor is (look under student information once logged in to Banner).