Course Rotation Schedule

Effective Fall Semester, 2013

Below is a course rotation for Area F and Major courses needed for the OAT Online degree that are offered in collaboration with the College of Business (COB).

  • Online ACED eMajor courses appear in Banner with an “E01” section number, and follow the USG Collaborative Calendar.
  • Online College of Business (COB) courses appear in Banner with “IA” or “IB” section numbers, and follow the VSU Academic Calendar.
Please use this course rotation to help plan your coursework. In addition to these online courses, the on-campus OAT Program may offer sections of the ACED courses online and on-campus during the same of different semesters. Courses for Core Areas A-E can be found online through eCore.


Course Nbr

Course Name


Area F Courses (See OAT-OBC Admissions Requirements)


Fall ACED 1100 Introduction to Business PLA
Fall ACED 2000 Beginning Keyboarding Exemption
Fall ACED 2400 Computer Technology for the Workplace Exemption 3
Fall & Sum ACCT 2101 Principles of Accounting (COB) 3
Fall & Sum ECON 1500 Survey of Economics (COB) 3
Sprg & Sum BUSA 2106 Legal Environment of Business (COB) 3


Major Course Requirements = 42 hours listed below + ACED2940 Experiential Credit + 15 Guided Electives = 60 Credits*


Fall ACED 3101 Workplace Computer Bookkeeping
Fall ACED 2700 Desktop Publishing (Old 3700)
Fall ACED 4550 Health & Safety in the Work Environment 3
Spring ACED 2050 Communication for the Workplace PLA
Spring ACED 2300 Intermediate Keyboarding Old 3000) Exemption
Spring ACED 3400 Applied Computer Technology PLA
Spring ACED 4020 Virtual Office Technology
Spring ACED 4070 Office Applications
Spring ACED 4160 Administrative Office Procedures
Sprg & Sum MKTG 3050 Principles of Marketing (COB) 3
Summer ACED 3150 Office Computer Operating Systems
Summer ACED 3610 Web Design and Multimedia
Summer ACED 4050 Workforce Development and Management
Summer ACED 4820 Project Management for Technical Professionals
*See the revised Program of Study effective Fall 2013. Those students who began the program before Fall 2013 will graduate based on the Program of Study effective when they began. Course substitutions can be made if necessary to ensure that students will be able to meet all degree requirements. Advisors will assist with this during regular advising periods.