Exemption Exam 2000 Beginning Keyboarding

Credit by Examination


**Important Notice** ACED Exemption Exam dates are changing!! From now on, all ACED Exemption Exams will be held during Early Registration, rather than during the first week of the semester.

The next scheduled exam date is set for, Spring Semester - Wednesday, April 9, 2014 from 12 p.m.- 2 p.m. in EC 2142. Students must arrive on time! There is a $50 non-refundable fee for taking the exam (payable at the VSU Bursary). The fee and registration must be handled 24 hours prior to the exam time.

Content of Exam

The test will be composed of two parts, both taken at a computer: a 3-minute timed writing and a timed production test using Microsoft Word 2010.

  • TIMED WRITING (35 GWAM TO PASS). Two 3-minute timed writings will be taken. The student will submit the better of the two. Corrections are allowed during the timed writing. The minimum score for passing is 35 gwam with a maximum of 5 errors. Current word processing convention calls for ONE SPACE after punctuation at the end of a sentence. The software will count an error if you key two spaces after punctuation at the end of a sentence. The student must pass this part of the test to go on to the second part.
  • TIMED PRODUCTION TEST (70% SPEED & ACCURACY TO PASS). A timed (40-minute limit) production test with the following types of documents:
    • Business Letter – The letter should be correctly placed on the page, include all necessary letter parts correctly spaced, and follow standard block-style format.
    • Memo – The memo should be correctly placed on the page, include all necessary heading parts correctly spaced, and follow standard block-style format.
    • APA Academic Report – The APA report should be correctly placed on the page and follow APA format for paragraph indents, line spacing, and in-text citations. Correct format of a short reference page will be required.

A study guide will be available at the time of the paid registration. It would also be wise to borrow a Beginning Keyboarding textbook and an APA manual to study before the test.

Grading and Credit

Students will be required to pass both parts of the test in order to exempt the class. No graded examination papers are returned to the students. Three hours credit for ACED 2000 will be earned for passing the test. As no grade will be given, hours earned will not affect GPA. Students should check with Financial Aid to see if exempting this course will affect their financial aid.

Test Results

Results of the test will be sent to the student's advisor and the Registrar's Office within three days from the date of the examination.

To Register

Students must pay a $50 fee at the VSU Bursary. The $50 fee is not refundable. Students must present a copy of their receipt at the Department of Adult and Career Education, Education Center 2020, to register and receive access to the study guide. They must show their current VSU ID or a government-issued picture ID at the testing site. Students will be permitted to take the test only one time.

For more Information, contact Dr. Vesta R. Whisler at 229-333-5636 or vrwhisler@valdosta.edu .