Degree Description

The BBA courses in economics:

  1. provide an understanding of the economic processes that provide the foundation for our business, political, and social behavior;

  2. teach students how to acquire, process, and analyze information; and

  3. provide a rigorous preparation for management careers in business and government and for graduate study in economics, business administration and law.

Economics Major Educational Outcomes

Economics majors will:

  • demonstrate knowledge of macroeconomic concepts and the influence government policies have on the overall economy.

  • demonstrate knowledge of microeconomic concepts and the influence market structure and government policies have on market outcomes.

  • demonstrate knowledge of economics concepts in an open economy.

  • demonstrate knowledge of econometric concepts and use the results to predict and forecast.

  • utilize quantitative skills to solve economic problems.

Assessment of the educational outcomes for the Economics major is primarily the responsibility of the Economics faculty. Assessment is one part of ensuring curriculum effectiveness. The faculty use a variety of methods to assess the learning outcomes including examinations, quizzes, oral presentations, written assignments, research papers, and projects.  The faculty use the assessment results to continuously review and improve the Economics curriculum.