Mission Statement


Valdosta State University

Approved by Langdale College Faculty 2010

Langdale College prepares graduates for rewarding career opportunities, applies and expands knowledge, and promotes regional economic progress.  Challenging undergraduate and graduate programs provide students of diverse backgrounds and aspirations the knowledge and skill base needed to successfully compete in the global marketplace.  In order to accomplish this, the Langdale College:

  • Provides a learning environment where students can acquire knowledge, skills, experience, and ethical and global awareness needed for successful managerial and professional careers; 
  • Supports application and expansion of knowledge through research with emphasis on contributions to business practice and research about teaching and learning;
  • Builds relationships with stakeholders to promote economic development within its scope of influence.

The faculty and staff of the Langdale College aspire to improve continuously the quality and effectiveness of programs, scholarship, and services. 

Langdale College of Business