Masters of Arts in Communication - Speech Emphasis

COMM 6000: Applied Professional Communication                                   

Advanced study of theories and practices underlying successful communication in professional environments including organizations, professional meetings, public relations, and the health care setting.  Skills typically addressed include speechwriting and presentation, interviewing, and the development of leadership styles. 

COMM 6200: Seminar in Advanced Intercultural Communication            

Survey of recent research in intercultural communication theory and practice; particular attention will be paid to language, the acquisition of intercultural communication competence, and related issues.  

COMM 6400: Seminar in Organizational Communication                        

Advanced study of the theories and practices that inform communication in organizations including the process of organizing, communication networks, and organizational culture. Guided research in the study of organizations. 

COMM 7150: Seminar in Interpersonal Communication Theory                  

Review of interpersonal communication research with respect to personal and professional relationships.  The social and psychological processes constraining interpersonal communication in various contexts including organizational, intercultural, and health care settings will be studied. 

COMM 7000: Special Topics in Communication  

Special topics in the study of communication.  May be repeated once for credit when topics vary. 

COMM 7300: Seminar in Communication and Conflict                              

Advanced study of the theories and methods of conflict management focusing on the practical skills involved in achieving resolution including factors such as perception, listening, and leadership in mediation and negotiation.