Intern Presentations

As indicated, interns will return to the University for a large group seminar/presentation near the end of their internships. The assignment at that time is to give a summarizing presentation of your internship. In general, you'll describe briefly the type of organization at which you're stationed to include what it does and how it is structured to perform its mission(s). You have a maximum of ten minutes to make your presentation. Aim for eight and you will probably be through in ten.

Bring any material with you that might, in some way, enhance your presentation. Beyond that, you remarks should speak to as many of the following points as possible.

Presentation Points

  1. Briefly describe the function of the office/division in which you work and its general position with respect to the larger organization;

  2. Indicate the overall number of employees in your section/division/office;

  3. Identify by title your supervisor and overall section chief (no names);

  4. Explain the organization's goals for you during the internship;

  5. Describe the type of projects on which you worked. Bring examples to the meeting; (If this is not possible, bring photograph, video, diagram or whatever. Get permission to do so.) This should take the majority of your presentation time.

  6. Describe the type of organization communication problems (e.g. one person's inability to get along with another or to help you, assuming the person is your assigned mentor). Do not dwell on this and do not give names.

  7. Describe your process of growth while at the organization. (e.g. your assignments and responsibilities have been enlarged.);

  8. Indicate any special advantages of working at that organization (e.g. pay for tuition, etc.);

  9. Describe your overall assessment of how the internship is (or is not) meeting your professional needs;

  10. You may make your presentation with PowerPoint, however, it must be interesting! Do not put together a boring repetition of what you are also saying to the group.

  11. Other materials...

N.B. - Please understand, the exercise is not designed to reveal the "deep secrets" about your host organization. This is a professional report, not gossip!