Criteria and Guideline Policies

The following criteria and guidelines govern the eligibility and management of the Internship Program of the Communication Arts Department.

  1. To be eligible for enrollment in the Internship Program of the Department of Communication Arts, students must hold senior status in the Department and have a minimum grade point average of 2.5 in all core curriculum areas, senior core, and communication specialty or emphasis area. Students also should have completed a majority of the specialty course work in their particular speech communication emphasis before undertaking any professional internship. You must also have the support of your advisor to serve an internship.

  2. Internships are permitted in organizations that perform communication functions that match the specialty or emphasis area of a prospective intern. Cross-specialty internships are not permitted. That means PR students may serve only with PR professionals. Organizational Communication and General Speech students have many more options, but must secure an internship that places them within the structure of the supervision/ management of the organization. They may not serve in positions that have PR as their primary focus.

  3. Internships in organizations that are owned, managed, or supervised by relatives are not permitted.

  4. Internships in organizations where you are already employed are only permitted if the organization provides you a placement different from the one you now have. In other words, you cannot receive academic credit for a job you already have.

  5. The internship is a credit course for three, six, or nine semester credits. Internship is supervised by the department's Internship Coordinator through professional host organizations. As such, it requires the completion of several academic assignments, as well as those assignments that the host organization will expect. Failure to complete all assignments will result in an "unsatisfactory" grade for the internship.

  6. Work to credit ratios are as follows:

    • for three credit hours, students must be stationed at the host organization for a minimum of 150 hours;

    • or six credit hours, students will work 300 hours; and

    • for nine hours, students will work a minimum of 400 hours.

  7. Before students are permitted to report to their host organizations, the departmental INTERNSHIP CONTRACT must be completed and submitted by the announced deadline to be considered for approval. Misrepresentation of the internship contract or agreement will result in termination of the internship with a grade of "unsatisfactory."

  8. Before a student is permitted to report to the host organization, the student must have registered for the course COMM 4670 for the selected number of hours.

  9. Student interns are responsible for all of their own living arrangements during the internship period. It is recommended that prospective interns have assurance of accommodations before discussing a possible internship position with any organization.