Assignments and Responsibilities

The following constitutes the required assignments for students electing an internship. The requirements for the course vary according to whether you are electing three, six, or nine hours of credit. Submit your materials to Dr. Patterson one week before the end of your internship if you expect them to be returned to you at the report meeting. No intern should expect to bring a portfolio to the report meeting and get it back the same day.

For students electing Three hours of internship credit

  1. Follow directions and procedures as announced.

  2. Report your weekly progress (via e-mail) to the internship coordinator. This is not optional and must be done at the completion or no more than 20 hours of work or once a week, whichever is more often. That is, if you only work 10 hours a week, you will report every 10 hours.

  3. Prepare project log reports according to the distributed "Log Report" form. Remember this log is for projects. It is not a daily time sheet.

  4. Compile samples of your work for inclusion in your portfolio and for the final presentation. If necessary, get permission to do so from host supervisor. All interns should include course work as well as internship materials. This is a job-seeking portfolio, not a show and tell of your internship.

  5. Prepare or update your professional résumé and re-write your sample job application letter.

  6. Prepare a five to seven page final report summarizing and analyzing your internship experience.

    Organize according to these questions:

    1. What were you initial goals/objectives for the internship?

    2. What type of activities did you do to achieve goals/objectives?

    3. Which activities were more valuable to you; which were least?

    4. What were the "results" of your projects? How were (will) they utilized? Did you enjoy your internship?

    5. What (if any) were some key personnel or communication problems with employees and/or supervisor?

    6. What special benefits does your host organization make available for its employees?

    7. Would you recommend that other VSU students apply to your host organization for future internships?

  7. Attend final internship meeting and make oral presentation to all interns at that meeting.

  8. Serve a minimum of 150 hours at your internship assignment.

For students electing Six hours of credit

  1. Complete all assignments required for three hours.

  2. Serve a minimum of 300 hours at your internship assignment.

For students electing Nine hours of credit

  1. Complete above assignments for students electing three hours.

  2. Serve a minimum of 400 hours at your internship assignment.