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Art Department Advising Forms

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Summer Orientation Advising Form

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Art Department Advising Check Sheets     

Download - VSU Core Check Sheet 

Download - BA Check Sheet 

Download - BFA Check Sheet 

Download - BFA Interior Design Check Sheet 

Download - BFA Art Education Check Sheet 

Download - Initial Art Education Certification P-12 Check Sheet 

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Art Department Advanced Course Requests

ART 4150 Directed Study Request Form 

ART 4160 Internship in Art Request Form 

Student Advising & Registration Info 

Academic Advising in the Art Department begins during the mid - term of each semester, typically the first week of March (for Summer & Fall advising/registration) and during the first week of October (for Spring advising/registration). Please schedule an appointment to see your advisor at this time. For Art Faculty contact information visit Our Team page.

Here are some tips that your advisor may recommend 

Students should:

  • Read the VSU Undergraduate Catalog. The catalog contains answers to many of your questions.

  • Sign up for advising 24 hours in advance! Leave your name and a phone number where you can be reached!

  • Plan on a 30 - minute advising session, if you are a transfer student, or freshman possibly 45 minutes -1 hour.

  • Keep your own “Advising Folder” with Check Sheets, 4/5 Year Plan and any other important materials!

  • Bring your folder with all of your records, notes, etc, to your advising appointment. 

  • If you do not have the proper forms, please download them from the table above and fill them out using BANNER. 

  • REVIEW BANNER - Have a tentative plan/outline for your class schedule. Days/Times/Professors etc...

  • Please Come Prepared, Check classes on BANNER & prepare a tentative class schedule, have back-up courses!

Rregistration Tips for Freshmen -
BA Art | BFA Art Studio | BFA Interior Design | BFA Art Education 

Your First (Fall) Semester Should Look Like This:

ART 1010 Drawing I
ART 1020 2-D Design
ARTH 1120 Fundamental Concepts in Art
and 3 - 6hrs of CORE

Your Second (Spring) Semester Should Look Like this:

ART 1011 Drawing II
ART 1030 3-D Design
ART 2030 Computers in Art
ARTH 3121 Western Art Survey 
and  3 - 6hrs of CORE

BFA Interior Design
ARID 1120 Fundamental Concepts of Interior Design; take in spring semester.

Registration Tips for Sophomores, Juniors & Seniors 

ART 4170 Professional Preparation should be taken - in your 4th or 5th semester, between 60-85hrs OR at least 2 semesters BEFORE ART 4171 Senior Exhibition.

This class is a prerequisite for ART 4171/4172 - Senior Exhibition & Presentation. ART 4171/4172 are TAKEN IN YOUR FINAL SEMESTER!

** STUDENTS CANNOT TAKE - ART 4170 Professional Preparation & ART 4171/4172 Senior Exhibition & Presentation at the same time!

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