FAQs for Organizational Leadership Majors


Where can I find online registration information?

Consult the online Registration Guide for exact registration dates.  All online students are encouraged to complete the Online Orientation. Registration dates may vary for VSU BlazeView, GeorgiaOnMyLine (GOML or GeorgiaVIEW) and eCore. Consult VSU Banner for specific registration dates and term schedules.

Where can I find the schedule of ORGL major classes?

The schedule of classes for ORGL majors is made available each term on the ORGL website.  Students may also consult VSU Banner for all online schedules. Class schedule can also be viewed by clicking here and then sorting the classes by semester and campus (online). 

Is advising required for ORGL majors?

Advising is mandatory for ORGL students. Once you have been advised, your ORGL advisor will lift the advising flag and you may register for classes. Contact AMP (Adult Degree Completion & Military Programs) if you have questions.

How do I register for VSU online classes?

Students register for online classes through VSU’s Banner system.  These courses are taught by VSU instructors and hosted in VSU’s BlazeVIEW.

How can I get help with general questions about elearning?

VSU’s eLearning department provides a complete Resource Page to answer questions about eLearning at VSU.

What is SmartPath Core and how can I register?

VSU’s SmartPath Core offers a direct, online path which allows you to complete your core (Areas A-E) coursework in as little as three semesters. SmartPath Core is developed and taught by experienced VSU faculty. VSU students may register for SmarthPath core classes through VSU's Banner system. More information about SmartPath can be found by clicking here. 

How do I register for GeorgiaVIEW (GOML or GeorgiaOnMyLine) classes?

VSU students register for GeorgiaVIEW classes through VSU’s Banner system. GeorgiaVIEW is operated as a collaborative, so you may be enrolled in course sections along with students from other institutions in the University System of Georgia. Follow the instructions for logging into the GeorgiaVIEW site.  Note that registration and class start/end dates may vary from the VSU Academic Calendar.  For logon issues contact the GeorgiaVIEW Online Support Center at 1-866-588-5293.

How do I register for eCore classes?

Students register for an eCore class through at VSU’s Banner system. Details can be found on the VSU eCore website.  Please be aware that eCore Registration, Start/End dates, Drop/Add dates and the Withdrawal Midpoint date are slightly different from the VSU Academic calendar. VSU’s eCore contact is Nikki Moore at 229-245-6490. For logon issues contact the eCore Student Success Manager at ecore@westga.edu or 678-839-0632. ATTENTION: Prior to registering for eCore classes, students must complete an online orientation and take a quiz. eCore will not allow registration unless this step is completed. Usually 24+ hours after completing the eCore quiz, eCore allows registration.

Who can do Early Registration?

Early Registration is held approximately six weeks before the term begins. Registration priority is based on student classification in the following order: Graduate students and seniors and Approved Groups (Honors students, students with disabilities); juniors; sophomores; freshmen.  Refer to the VSU Academic Calender for details.

Are newly admitted students eligible for Early Registration?

Newly admitted students are not generally eligible for Early Registration, except as a member of an Approved Group (Honors students, students with disabilities). Students must be fully admitted to VSU prior to registering for classes.

If you do Early Registration, when are tuition and fees due?

The tuition and fee deadline for Early Registration is approximately one month from the end of the early registration period. The date is posted in the online Registration Guide for that particular term. Invoices are mailed within one week of the end of early registration.

If I miss Early Registration, when can I register?

  • Regular Registration and drop/add are held immediately prior to the beginning of classes. Registration is held on a first-come, first-served basis.  Fee and course schedules are available for more information.
  • Late Registration and continued drop/add are held for approximately three or four days after the term begins. A $75 late fee may be assessed.

If I cannot pay by the due dates for Early Registration, is it still OK to set up my classes then?

If tuition and fees are not paid by the posted Early Registration due date, students are dropped from classes and have to re-register.

The Regular Registration fee deadline is 5 p.m. the first day of class, unless otherwise stated in the Registration Guide for that term. Tuition and fees may be paid during Late Registration and a $75 late fee may be assessed.


As a fully online student, do I have to submit Immunization and Medical History forms?

Fully online undergraduate students may request an exemption. Please follow the instructions on the Immunization Form  to request an exemption. You can find out more information on immunization requirements by clicking here. If you have a question regarding your immunizations or a hold being placed on your account regarding immunizations, you may call (229) 219-3200.

If you have questions not addressed here, contact a member of the ORGL staff or telephone 229-253.2873. Our offices are located at West Hall 2301 on the VSU campus, 1500 N. Patterson Street, Valdosta GA 31698.