VSU Planetarium

The planetarium was extensively renovated during the summer of 2011. A recent article from the Valdosta Daily Times gives a brief description of our new planetarium.
Our 47-seat planetarium is equipped with a Digitarium Kappa digital projector, the first of its kind in the world. With this facility we can reproduce the night sky as seen from anywhere on Earth or from the surface of any object in the solar system, and at any time in history, past or future.   The VSU Planetarium serves as a valuable teaching tool and as a facility for an extensive public outreach program. Astronomy majors give planetarium shows for thousands of visiting school children and members of nonprofit civic organizations. If you would like to bring a a group to the planetarium, please read our Planetarium Policy.
  • All of our shows are suitable for ages five and up.
  • Shows begin on Friday evenings at 7:00 pm, 8:00 pm and 9:00 pm sharp and last 40 to 50 minutes.
  • The shows are followed by observatory open house, if weather permits.
  • Seating is available on a "first come, first served" basis and is limited to 47 per show. When you arrive, pick up a FREE TICKET (it is your place-holder!). Tickets are distributed starting at 6 pm and are limited to 7 tickets per party.  Before the show, your ticket will be called.  If you are not there by show-time, you seat(s) will be give away.


Friday 4 April 2014:  The Celestial Zoo


The VSU Planetarium and Observatory will present The Celestial Zoo, the final public planetarium show of its 2013- 2014 season. Dr. Kenneth Rumstay will take us on a tour of the celestial menagerie.

An amazing variety of zoological specimens roam the heavens! Of the eighty-eight constellations which adorn our sky, nearly half represent animals, birds, fish, or insects. We’ll tour the night sky over an entire year as we examine these, and stop to take a closer look at the animals hidden within constellations as well. For the gaseous nebulae which dot the Milky Way come in all sizes and shapes, and many bear a striking resemblance to our animal friends. The Horsehead Nebula in Orion, the Eagle Nebula in Serpens, and the Elephant Trunk Nebula in Ophiuchus are among the most beautiful splendors of the night sky!

Please join us for The Celestial Zoo on April 4th. Shows begin at 7:00, 8:00 and 9:00 pm, and seating is limited to 47 visitors per show. Admission is free of charge and is strictly on a “first come, first served” basis. Reservations for all three shows will be taken beginning at 6:00 pm in front of the planetarium. Tickets are limited to seven per person; advance reservations are not accepted

 Our shows are suitable for ages five and up. The planetarium is located in NH3004 on the third floor of Nevins Hall. If weather permits, the VSU Observatory will be open for public viewing during and after each show, allowing guests to see the wonders of the winter sky. Limited parking is available in front of Nevins Hall, and more is available across Patterson Street. Please contact the Department of Physics, Astronomy, and Geosciences at (229) 333-5752 for further information.