Student Organization

Four Directions


Pamela Johnson

Vice President:

Rebecca Griggs


Purpose of Organization

Four Directions is a student organization designed to work with the Native American Studies program at Valdosta State University. The students will be active in gaining understanding about issues in Native American communities. The students will assist in the designing and implementing of programs involving Native American issues as well as working with Native American communities to promote better communication and community interaction.



Although this program works with the Native American Studies program, Four Directions welcomes anybody who are interested in topics related to Native Americans. Active members will experience and embrace the Native American culture by hosting potluck meetings and game nights. Some of the activities within the organization will tie to other organizations like having a movie night with the Philosophy and Religious Studies Club. This organization has also participated in student life and student awards.

Please e-mail the President or Vice-Present for more information. You may also receive notifications for meetings or events tied to this organization by joining their Facebook page.