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Interdisciplinary Studies (formerly General Studies) is a program which allows you, the student, to be in control of designing your educational program. The degree, a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies, is comprised of three academic Areas of Emphasis (18sh, 15sh and 12sh, respectively). You may choose from any discipline offered as a major or minor at VSU, with the exception of Education, Nursing, Interior Design. Within each Area of Emphasis, you may use a maximum of one lower level course (1000-2000); the remaining courses must be upper level (3000-4000) and all must have a grade of "C" or better.

There are two Tracks for Interdisciplinary Studies:

  • Track 1 is open to students who are active-duty military or who have been out of school for at least two years.

  • Track 2 is open to all students with a minimum gpa of 2.5 and who have at least 30sh remaining to complete the degree.

NEWS: The GENS 2000 and 4000 have changed! They are now listed under the Interdisciplinary Studies (INDS) prefix.

Opening Statement from GENS 2000 Spring 2010, General Studies on Trial: Is GSP a Valid Degree?

Ultimately it is the quality of learning, not just the possession of a diploma, that will make all the difference, to individuals, to an economy dependent upon innovation, and to the integrity of the democratic society we create. A diploma does not make a great employee; the education a person receives and and the way they connect with the world around them makes a great employee. Makes for an interdisciplinary study major a valid and useful degree. Lack of subject depth is not an issue for interdisciplinary studies, the career field “wants a’360 degree person’ who will look at a problem from every angle.” Though we have people who disagree about this major we are changing the outlook on Interdisciplinary studies slowly but surely and hope today will help open your eyes and minds to this ground breaking bachelor degree. 

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