Events and Series

The English Department of VSU would like to welcome you to a new connection to where you can report daily news, happenings, and events pertaining to the excitement of being an English Major, here at Valdosta State University. To post your news on the new web page of the English Dept, please e-mail marksmit@valdosta.edu to let your event be seen. In order to post your information, please be aware that before the news is put to paper, approval will be sought by the highest power of the department. So no foul language, pictures, or announcements!

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Summer and Fall 2014

Registration Dates

Early Registration: April 1- 25

Summer Session I (May Term)

Regular Registration: April 1-18
Late Registration: May 14 - 16
First Class: May 15
Mid-Term: May 27

Summer Session II, III

Regular Registration: June 9 - 13
First Class Day (Summer II, III): June 11
Midterm (Summer II): July 3
Midterm (Summer III): June 20

Summer Session IV

Regular Registration: June 9 - 13
First Class Day: July 8
Mid-term: July 17

Fall Session

Early Registration: April 1-25
Regular Registration: TBA
Late Registration:TBA
First Class Day: Aug 18 
Midterm: Oct 2

2014 Events

***Turn your hobby into a career. Those notes you write to yourself, friends, or family could turn into an article for the campus paper. Think about a minor in Creative Writing or Journalism, from the English Department. Come talk to one of our professors for further information.***