Student Resources

Student Success Center

The Student Success Center acts as a compass to help students navigate their college careers and get a bearing on success through tutoring, advising, and on-campus job opportunities.

Study Abroad

Study Abroad classes are offered each year and provide students the opportunity to make connections abroad and study in interesting places while receiving academic credit. Scholarship awards, several stipends, and monetary awards are provided by various departments in Arts & Sciences. Departments with awards generally list them.

Student Organizations and Opportunities for Participation

Numerous student organizations are very active within the Arts & Sciences College. Each department has a list of organizations related to their interest area.

Center for Applied Research

Student Travel Awards may be available from time to time. These awards provide up to $250 for students from the College of Arts & Sciences who are presenting a research paper or poster at a meeting. The Center for Applied Research goals are to connect faculty expertise in the College of Arts & Sciences with applied research needs within our community and to promote student participation in research where possible.

Undergraduate Research Programs

CALL FOR UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH PAPERS FOR SPRING 2011 The Spring 2010 Undergraduate Research Symposium in the Arts and Sciences concluded in April 2010. Faculty members sponsor and guide student researchers in this annual event. This event has grown tremendously as participation of faculty sponsors and student interest has increased significantly over the past few years. This year five cash prizes of $100 or $50 were awarded to student researchers selected by the judging committee. About 125 certificates of participation were presented by Department Heads in Arts and Sciences on awards night. If you are interested in pursuing a research topic, you may need to approach a faculty member and ask if they would sponsor your research idea. Many projects start this way. Alternatively, faculty members sometimes ask students to participate in their ongoing research. Some student presenters have been even been recognized by being published in a refereed journal along with their faculty sponsor.

Honors Program (UPDATE)

The Honors Program at VSU provides unique opportunities for students to study, conduct research, and exchange ideas in a challenging and encouraging academic environment. We encourage students who qualify for the Honors Program to join the program as early as possible. Many students do not know about their options in the Honors Program.

OASIS Center for Advising and First Year Programs (UPDATE)

The OASIS Center for Advising and First Year Programs place an emphasis on caring faculty and staff, outstanding academic programs, opportunities for personal and professional growth, collaborative learning, and academic advising. Freshman Year Experience is an excellent first-year student development program Exploratory Student Advising Center for students who have not declared a major and are exploring their options Learning Support Program serves non-traditional students needing additional preparation in reading, Mathematics, and English.