Liberal Arts Education

Generally, liberal arts education is an approach for self-learning and self-discipline to achieve an understanding of the wider world as well as in-depth study in a specific area of interest. Attaining liberal arts education means striving for human excellence, both private and public. The development of the mind remains crucial for main reasons:

  • comprehending distinctions and interrelations of the basic fields of subject matter

  • recognizing the basic problems in all fields

  • distinguishing each method and applying the method to the appropriate field

Although individuals must utilize pertained, cognitive knowledge, liberal arts education also provide an understanding to anything important that is said in global and public discussions. Many universities, such as Valdosta State University, offer this traditional study because it prepares us to be independent, rational and creative thinkers in dealing with complexity, diversity, and change.

The College of Arts and Sciences comprises of ten academic department. These departments, ranging from African American studies to Women's and Gender studies, offer major and minor programs, providing students a chance to hone their skills in research and communication. To get students engage in learning, we also host events such as the undergraduate colloquiums.