Student Advising

Scheduling Advising Appointments

If you are new to VSU and do not know who your advisor is, contact the Chemistry Office and they will help you determine who your advisor is. Once you know who your advisor is contact the individual (phone, email or in person) and determine how your advisor wants to schedule an appointment. The day of the appointment be sure to:

  • arrive on time
  • bring your advising folder to the appointment (this can be obtained from the Chemistry office the day of the appointment)
  • a list of preliminary or desired courses
  • any information about professional schools or other post -VSU career plans.

Academic advising typically occurs the week before registration, but you can schedule your advising session at the mid-term of the previous semester (i.e. mid-Fall for the Spring semester), also be sure to schedule your appointment at least one day in advance of when you would like to meet and several days before you are scheduled to register for classes.


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