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The Biology Department at Valdosta State University offers only one degree program, specifically in "biology."  This means that whatever your career interests, your major at VSU is 'Biology' and the department's first priority is to recommend courses that fulfill your Biology Major curriculum including all Department, College (Arts and Sciences), and state (Board of Regents) requirements.  We recognize that many students will have interests in continuing their careers in many different fields and our faculty advisers will offer advice on specific elective courses that you should take to fill not only your Biology Major requirements but prerequisite courses for admission to postgraduate or transfer programs.  Specifically, faculty specialties for career and department advising is as follows:

Professional Programs

Faculty Advisors

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Agricultural Sciences

Dr. Cantonwine


Anesthesiologist Assistant

Dr. Loughry

Anesthesiologist Assistant Flyer

Animal Behavioral

Drs. Loughry, McDonough, and Bechler


Aquatic Biology

Drs. Nienow, Bechler, and Waters       


Biology Teacher

Dr. Jones


Biomedical/Pharmaceutical Science

Dr. Gannon



Drs. Bergstrom and Cantonwine


Ecology of Infectious Diseases

Drs. Turco, Lockhart, and Blackmore


General Biology

All faculty members


Genetics Biotechnology

Drs. Elder and Ring


Marine Biology

Drs. Grove, Bielmyer, and Henkel



Drs. Turco and Calestani


Occupational Therapy

Drs. Fort and Grove  

Occupational Therapy Flyer

Physical Therapy

Drs. Fort and Grove   

Physical Therapy Flyer

Physician Assistant

Drs. Goddard and Chambers

General Info. on P.A.'s and
Physician Assistant Flyer

Plant Sciences

Drs. Cantonwine and Carter



Drs. Nienow and Anderson

Pre-Dentistry Flyer and
Dental Hygiene Flyer


Drs. Blackmore, Elder, Lockhart, Ring, Fort, Kang, Uyeno, and Corteau

Pre-Medical Program at VSU Flyer
Pre-Medical Flyer Medical Technology Flyer and
Letter of Evaluation Form


Drs. Goddard, and Carter

General Optometry Info and
Pre-Optometry flyer


Drs. Doscher and Waters

Veterinary Flyer

Respiratory Therapy

Drs. Fort and Grove                               

Respiratory Therapy Flyer

For specific advising questions please refer to the above listed advisers.  For general biology advising questions please contact Biology's General Advisor, Ms Courtney Presnell.

Requirements for a second bachelor’s degree

Complete all science and math courses required for the biology degree. As for the core, a new student to VSU from another state only has to meet the legislative requirements (US/GA History and US/GA Constitution) and complete Area F for their major. They do not have to do anything else within the core. Most students do the exemption exams in the testing office to satisfy the legislative requirements

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