Program Requirements


African American Studies, an academic discipline, offers an intellectual approach to the study of African people both nationally and globally. Thus, it seeks to provide historically accurate assessments of the roles and contributions of people of African descent to America and to human history. As as interdisciplinary program, this minor offers students the opportunity to communicate more effectively across cultural lines as well as to explore the social, political, and economic reality of the black experience in the United States. In addition, the minor encourages creative research, the acquisition of practical experiences, and the development of intellectual expertise in African American Studies. Several departments at Valdosta State University offer courses that support these goals.

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African American Studies Catalog Course Description

AFAM 3000 Intro to African American Studies 3 hrs
AFAM 4700 African American Studies Seminar 3 hrs

AFAM Elective Hours (2 courses may be taken in any area; however, total hours must come from at least 2 areas)

Arts, Music, Communication Arts (3 or 6 hrs)
Humanities (3 or 6 hrs)
Social Sciences (3 or 6 hrs) 

9 hrs
Total Hours   15 hrs