Chain of Command

Commander in Chief: Honorable Donald J. Trump

Secretary of Defense: Honorable James Mattis

(Acting) Secretary of the Air Force: Honorable Lisa S. Disbrow

Air Force Chief of Staff: Gen. David Goldfien

Commander, AETC: Lt. Gen. Darryl L. Roberson

Air University Commander: Lt. Gen. Steven L. Kwast

Commander, Holm Center: Brig. Gen. Billy D. Thompson

Commander, AFROTC: Col. Tammy M. Knierim

Southeast Region Commander: Col. Kenneth W. Backes

Det 172 Commander: Lt. Col. Joseph F. D'Amico II

Operations Flight Commander: Capt. Abigail M. Wilkins

Recruiting Flight Commander: Capt. Douglas R. Thomas

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