Office of Veterans Affairs

The Veteran’s Affairs Office for VSU students, located in the Office of Financial Aid, assists students receiving VA Educational Benefits by:

  •        Processing educational benefit forms such as enrollment certifications
  •        Advising students on procedures pertaining to their educational benefits
  •        Maintain student VA educational files
  •        Provide counseling on the various educational programs and chapters
  •        Contact VA Regional to assist students with payment issues

Utilizing VA Educational Benefits:

The role of Veteran’s Affairs is to monitor each veteran student’s enrollment status and academic progress. Our office does not determine eligibility for benefits or have access to any student’s Department of Defense VA records.

Initial certifications of enrollment are submitted prior to the beginning of each term. Changes in enrollment status that affect a student’s VA educational benefits are reported as they occur. The number of enrolled credit hours determines the level of benefit the student may receive. The University notifies the Department of Veterans Affairs through the electronic submission of the 22-1999 form.

All degree programs and majors at VSU have been approved by the VA as eligible for educational benefits. You must be either a degree-seeking student or a transient student seeking a degree at another institution to qualify for educational benefits at VSU.