Student Financial Aid Policies

Apply Early

Awards will be made to all accepted students with a complete financial aid application, with priority given to those students with the greatest  need. For applications completed after May 1st, awards will be made weekly as available. Federal Pell Grants, Federal ACG, Federal Smart Grant, Federal Loans and Federal PLUS funds are available throughout the year. Academic Loads At Valdosta State University academic loads are as follows:

  • Full-time for undergraduate students is twelve credit hours per semester
  • Three-quarter time is nine to eleven credit hours per semester
  • Half-time is six to eight credit hours per semester
  • Full-time for graduate students is nine credit hours per semester
  • Half-time is five to eight credit hours per semester

Academic Year

A full academic year includes a total of 24 semester hours. This is the equivalent of 2 full-time semesters.

Non-eligible Classifications

Non-eligible classifications include irregular students, non-degree students, transient students, unclassified post-graduate, provisional, and post baccalaureate students. Students with these classifications are not eligible for federal or state student financial aid. (Some transient students may be eligible for financial aid by making arrangements through their home institution.)

Second Undergraduate Degrees/ Required Teacher Certification

Students enrolled in a required teacher certification or second undergraduate degree program are eligible to apply for Federal Loans or Federal Parent (PLUS) Loans. These students must be enrolled at least six hours per semester. For more information related to Maximum Time Frame and Satisfactory Academic Progress, please review the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.

Summer Aid Deadlines

Aid is awarded on an academic year basis. Dates to apply for summer aid will be announced by the OFA during the academic year. Students who plan to first apply for aid in the Summer semester must mail a current FAFSA in time for it to reach the Federal Processor by June 30th. No aid can be awarded if this deadline is missed.

Learning Support Limit

Only the first thirty attempted semester hours of non-degree credit coursework (including Learning Support and College Preparatory Curriculum) will be allowed in determining aid eligibility. Neither voluntary Learning Support nor audits will be considered in determining aid eligibility.

Outside Sources

Any aid you receive or expect to receive from an outside source must be reported to the OFA, regardless of when you receive notification of the award. This includes scholarships, grants, loans, and assistantships or fee waivers. The receipt of such aid may result in a reduction, cancellation, and/or repayment of your need-based award(s).

Pre-Registration Payment

If you pre-register for classes you should note the Payment Deadline as listed in the Semester Registration Guide. Your schedule will be canceled if you do not pay all fees by the Payment Deadline. Pre-registered students who have been awarded student financial aid by the fee payment deadline each semester will have a deferment until the first day of class if they have enough financial aid to cover their fees and all necessary paperwork has been completed.

Current Address

The Office of Financial Aid uses the address on file with the Office of the Registrar for all correspondence. To update your address, submit a Change of Address Form on-line on the Banner Web registration system or by completing and printing the form at and then mailing it to the Office of the Registrar.

Cancellation of Awards

The OFA reserves the right, on behalf of VSU, to review and cancel awards at any time if you fail to meet the requirements of the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy for Student Financial Aid Recipients or because of changes in your financial or academic status, academic program, resident status, enrollment status, etc. All student financial aid awards are contingent upon the availability of funds.

Eligible Non-Citizens

Students applying for Title IV aid as eligible non-citizens and whose citizenship status is not confirmed on their SAR must provide the OFA with appropriate documentation (Alien Registration Receipt Card-Form I-151 or Form I-551, a passport, or I-94) showing that they are permanent residents or other eligible non-citizens. The OFA will then initiate a secondary confirmation with the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS). This confirmation must be received before the student will be awarded any aid.

Taxable Aid

If your total gift aid (grants and scholarships) exceeds the total of your tuition, fees, books and supplies you should consult your federal and state income tax instructions when completing your income tax returns.

Veterans Benefits

The OFA will ask students receiving veterans benefits to provide documentation of their VA Benefits. These benefits must be used to reduce your COA and will reduce the amount of aid we can offer.

Aid Adjustments

Your official VSU enrollment status is determined each term at the end of Drop/Add. If you enroll full-time and receive aid, and then drop to less than full-time during Drop/Add your aid may be reduced.  At the end of Drop/Add enrollment is frozen and no further increases in enrollment can be considered for financial aid purposes.  If a course is added after financial aid is disbursed the student may be responsible for paying any additional fees.

Studying Abroad

Students who are studying abroad and are regularly enrolled in a degree-seeking program are eligible for aid. Aid Disbursement Students should read the “Financial Aid Payment” section of each semester’s Registration Guide for details on how student financial aid is disbursed.

Retroactive Aid

If the enrollment period for which you are requesting aid has ended, generally you will not be eligible for reimbursement. If you are involved in verification when the semester ends, you may be eligible to receive aid when verification is complete. The OFA cannot process aid requests if your enrollment period has ended and your aid application is still incomplete. Contact the OFA if you have questions.