Our Team

Department Title Name Email
Director Director of Financial Aid Douglas Tanner


  Administrative Coordinator Wanda Stracener wstracen@valdosta.edu
Operations Manager Operations Manager Julian Vickers jvickers@valdosta.edu
Associate Director / Counselor
(letters A - L) Counselor / TEACH Grant / Transient Coordinator

Donnell Davis

(letters M - Z) Counselor Sandra DiPietro sfdipietro@valdosta.edu
Loans Assistant Director / Loan Coordinator Sandra Griffin sgriffin@valdosta.edu
  Loan Counselor Gwen Manning gemanning@valdosta.edu
  Financial Aid Assistant I Marie Hart dmhart@valdosta.edu
HOPE / Scholarships Scholarship / HOPE Coordinator
  HOPE / Scholarship Assistant Sharon Mashburn scarter@valdosta.edu
Work Study Work Study Coordinator Rett Moore wemoore@valdosta.edu
Veteran's Affairs Veteran's Affairs Coordinator Johnny Lamb


Financial Aid Assistants      
(letters A - D) Financial Aid Assistant I Teresa Lohr tclohr@valdosta.edu
(letters E - K) Financial Aid Assistant I Holly Lustfeldt hklustfeldt@valdosta.edu
(letters L - Ra) Financial Aid Assistant I
(letters Rb - Z) Financial Aid Assistant I Tanya Fontaine


Reception Area      
  Financial Aid Assistant I Jean Smith sjsmith@valdosta.edu
  Financial Aid Assistant I Alice Carter aecarter@valdosta.edu
  Financial Aid Assistant I Maranda Guest


 Office of Financial Aid Code of Conduct