University Committees

Student Fee Allocation Committee- Vice-President Kavanaugh and Comptroller Kirby

Student Activities Committe/Student Services- Silas David and Alexis Farley 

Parking and Appeals Committe- Damon Brown and Samantha James

Academic Scheduling and Procedures Committee- Erin Shaw and Maya Bramletta 

Athletics Committee- Kelan Blash

Educational Policies Committee- Michael Daniel 

Faculty Scholarship Committee- Jasmine Jackson

Enrollment Issue Council- Helena Krumbacher 

Academic Honors and Scholarship Committee- Jasmine Jackson 

Internationalization & Globalization Committee- Helena Krumbacher

Library Affairs Committee- Quinton Standifer

Technology Committee- Erin Shaw

Traditions and Spirit Committee-Ammirah Nur

Minority and Diversity Committee- Jayson Ross

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SGA Committees

Visit our Meeting Minutes & Committee Reports page for an updated bi-weekly committee report.

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Civic Service and Finance

 Maya Mapp, Chairperson

Damon Brown

Nichael Daniel


Health Services

Daria Thomas, Chairperson

Lethia Washington

Jasmine Jackson

Silas David

Samantha James



TBD, Chairperson

 Jasmine Jackson

Joshua Rivers

Safety and Security

Kelan Blash, Chairperson

 Maya Bramletta

Brittany Transou

Rinna Ponder

Public Relations

Shayla Slappy, Chairperson  

Alexis Farley

Amirrah Nur

Legislative Affairs

Mathew Cowan, Chairperson

Erin Shaw

Jayson Ross

Rinna Pnder

Student Affairs

Hellena Krumbacher, Chairperson

Kiarah Woodard

Devin Spencer


Student Emergency Fund Committee - TBA

Residence Hall Association SGA Delegate - Maya Mapp

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Faculty Senate Committees

Academic Scheduling and Procedures Committee

 Erin Shaw and Maya Bramletta 

Athletic Committee

 Kelan Blash

Educational Policies Committee

 Michael Daniel 

Faculty Scholarship Committee

Jasmine Jackson

Library Affairs Committee

Minority and Diversity Issues Committee

  Jayson Ross

 Technology Comittee

 Erin Shaw 

Student Activities Committee/Student Services Committee

 Silas David and Alexis Farley

Environmental Issues Committee

Helena Krumbacher

Academic Honors and Scholarship Committee

Jasmine Jackson

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