Chambers and Committees



University Committees

  • Student Fee Allocation Committee- 
  • Student Activities Committee/Student Services-  
  • Parking and Appeals Committee- 
  • Academic Scheduling and Procedures Committee- 
  • Athletics Committee- 
  • Educational Policies Committee-  
  • Faculty Scholarship Committee- 
  • Enrollment Issue Council-  
  • Academic Honors and Scholarship Committee- 
  • Internationalization & Globalization Committee-
  • Library Affairs Committee- 
  • Technology Committee- 
  • Traditions and Spirit Committee-
  • Minority and Diversity Committee- 

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SGA Chambers

  • Campus Affairs
  • Academic Affairs
  • Finance 
  • Civic Service and Public Relations

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Faculty Senate Committees

  • Academic Scheduling and Procedures Committee 
  • Athletic Committee
  • Educational Policies Committee
  • Faculty Scholarship Committee
  • Library Affairs Committee
  • Minority and Diversity Issues Committee
  • Technology Committee
  • Student Activities Committee/Student Services Committee
  • Environmental Issues Committee
  • Academic Honors and Scholarship Committee

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