University Committees

Student Fee Allocation Committee- Tyler Barker, Nicholas Buford, Tamelia Hall, Taylor Malone

President's Special Committee on Sustainability-  Candicee Childs

President's Special Committee on the Prevention of Sexual Assault- Quineshia Claiborne,  Elizabeth Cavender

Master Planning Committee - Tyler Barker

Institutional Identity Study Leadership Task Force - Tyler Barker, Nicholas Buford, Tamelia Hall

Institutional Indentity Study - TBA

Martin Luther King, Jr. Commerative Celebration Committee - Tyler Barker

Thomas Pierce Scholarship Dinner Committee- Nicholas Buford, Tyler Barker, Tayor Malone, Tamelia Hall

Auxiliary Services Fee Committee - Tamelia Hall

Enrollment Management Council - Tyler Barker, Nicholas Buford

Campus Safety - Tyler Barker

Campus Safety Public Relations Campaign - TBA

Campus Communications Board - Shayla Slappy

University Council - Tyler Barker

IDEA Center Advisory Committee - Tyler Barker

Dining Advisory Board - Adrienne Williams

Planning and Budget Council -  Tamelia Hall, tyler Barker

Constitution Day Committee -  Nicholas Buford

Parking & Transportation Appeals Committee - Daria thomas, Jennifer Holloway

Student Organization Audit Committee - Nicholas Buford

Homecoming Committee - Tyler Barker, Nicholas Buford

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SGA Committees

Visit our Meeting Minutes & Committee Reports page for an updated bi-weekly committee report.

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Civic Service and Finance

 Senator Marquia Smith, Chairperson

Senator Wynton Burnette

Senator Taylor Evans

Senator Amirrah Nur

Senator Ashley Rattray

Senator Jacqueline Robinson

Health Services

Senator Adrienne Williams, Chairperson

Senatore Tiffany Delgado

Senator Joanne Heckman

Senator Sequoia Kirby

Senator Dzigbode Limehouse


Senator Brittany Williams, Chairperson

Senator Alex Cano

Senator Othellious Cato

Senator Maya Mapp

Senator Kyle Poe

Safety and Security

Senator Daria Thomas, Chairperson

Senator James Sampson

Senator Deython Walton

Senator Nydrah Wright

Public Relations

 Senator Zyaisha Hackett, Chairperson  


Senator Candicee Childs

Senator D'Lawren Hicks

Senator Jennifer Holloway

Senator Vincent Jupiter

Senator Jarius Leavy

Senator Candenetra Moore

Senator Chase Prince

Senator Shayla Slappy

Legislative Affairs

Senator Matthew Cowan, Chairperson

Senator Michael Bennett

Senator Chris Hellams

Senator Mia Lewis

Senator Jayson Ross

Student Affairs

Senator Cheree Copeland, Chairperson

Senator Quineshia Claiborne, Co- Chair

Senator David Burdette

Senator Elizabeth Cavender

Senator Imani Huffman

Senator Chasaney Johnson

Senator Joseph Moore

Senator Marsallis Ponder

Senator Yekaterina Solomkina

Senator Brittany Williams

Student Emergency Fund Committee - Comptroller Tamelia Hall (Chair), 

Residence Hall Association SGA Delegate - TBA

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Faculty Senate Committees

Academic Scheduling and Procedures Committee

VP Nick Buford

Senator Hackett

Athletic Committee

 Senator Delgado

Educational Policies Committee


Faculty Scholarship Committee

Senator Yekaterina "Katya" Solomkina

Library Affairs Committee

 Senator Matthew Cowan

Minority and Diversity Issues Committee

 President  Tyler Barker

Crystal Hamilton, Grad Asst of Social Equity

Senator Yekaterina "Katya"Solomkina

 Technology Comittee

 Senator Zyaisha Hackett

Student Activities Committee/Student Services Committee

 Comptroller Tamelia Hall

Snator Copeland

Environmental Issues Committee

Senator Candicee Childs

Senator Matthew Cowan

Academic Honors and Scholarship Committee

 Senator Adrienne Williams

Senator David Burdette

Safety & Security Special Committee: TBA

Internationalization & Globalization Committee: Tyler Barker

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