Getting Off Campus

Unfortunately, we cannot provide housing for all returning students. Often times we are asked why freshmen have priority over upperclassmen for on campus housing. One of the reasons is because we feel upperclassmen are ready to live off campus. After having a year of college under their belts, returning students are typically more mature and have different needs than freshmen. There are other benefits of living off campus too. One major benefit is cost. Although paying one bill for a semester is convenient, often times, it can be more difficult for students who have to work to pay bills. Living off campus allows the student to pay rent and utilities month to month. The student is also able to split the rent with roommates. Living off campus also provides more privacy, freedom, and space. The student doesn’t have to worry about community bathrooms or rules the student may or may not agree with. Plus, not having to share a bedroom in a residence hall means having more space for storage and decoration. Although we are unable to house all upperclassmen, we do not want the returners to feel as though they are not important to us. If we can be of any assistance, please let us know.

For those residents and future students wishing to live off-campus, we have created a relatively simple process. The avenue to do so depends on the student’s status with our office. Freshmen are required to live on campus; however, we have some exceptions which can exempt them from this requirement. Such circumstances are elaborated within the Freshmen Residency Exemption process. Keep in mind, freshmen who have already signed a contract online via the Housing Application must also be released from their contract which is further explained by the Release of Contract process.

Upperclassmen are permitted to live off campus under any circumstance once the contract duration is complete. If the resident is currently within their contract’s duration, they must follow the Release of Contract process.