Operating Philosophy

The Office of Housing and Residence Life serves residents by providing a pleasant and educationally stimulating environment for the student. The residence halls at Valdosta State are self-supporting using student housing fees to fund the operation of the housing program. Each residence facility is staffed by a full time Residence Hall Director and Resident Assistants. The residence hall experience also provides opportunities for the student to enhance their leadership skills and complement their classroom education through exposure to a wide range of programs and activities. The programs and activities are designed to provide residents the skills necessary to meet the challenges they will face both during and beyond their college experience.

The residence hall staff works with the students on each floor through individual and group interaction to develop a sense of community. The Office of Housing and Residence Life supports the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS) and works to ensure that its program support Valdosta State's educational process.

While the Office of Housing and Residence Life has established numerous programs to assist students with their academic success and development, the most critical element is best described by Williamson's statement "The major responsibility for the student's personal and social development rests with the student and his/her personal resources." Our goal in the Housing and Residence Life program is creating a safe living/learning environment and continuing the enhancement and strengthening of our residents' personal resources.