Mission and Vision Statement

Mission Statement

Valdosta State University Housing and Residence Life is committed to providing a safe, dynamic residential experience on campus through inclusive educational opportunities that promote:

  • Personal Growth
    • Wellness
      • Student will be able to manage emotions appropriately
      • Students will be able to identify and utilize appropriate campus, academic and life resources
      • Students will be a productive member of community
    • Responsibility
      • Students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of balance between education, work and leisure time
      • Students will develop personal identity and goals
      • Students will be able to resolve interpersonal conflicts
  • Diversity
    • Awareness
      • Students will be able to be accepting others
      • Students will seek to understand viewpoints of others and appreciate the value of others’ views.
    • Respect
      • Students will be able to engage in activities/experiences that differ from their cultural upbringing
      • Students will learn to respect each other/their environment
  • Leadership Development
    • Communication
      • Students will develop healthy, effective interpersonal communication
      • Students will be able to appropriately challenge unfair, unjust or uncivil behavior
    • Critical Thinking
      • Students will integrate concepts and principles from multiple perspectives in order to address problems and make decisions
      • Students will be able to apply knowledge from the classroom

For every resident who calls Valdosta State University, HOME!

Vision Statement

In the spirit of excellence, Valdosta State University Housing & Residence Life commits to teaching & preparing every resident in the pursuit of knowledge and growth.