Brown Hall

Brown Hall Under Construction

Opened in 1964, Brown Hall was named in honor of Joseph M. Brown. Mr. Brown was the governor of Georgia when VSC opened its doors in 1913. It was originally an all men's dormitory. Today this facility is designated to house female freshmen only, there are 8 trained RAs on staff in the building to help students with their transition to college. Brown Hall is the home of a Living and Learning Community geared towards the Panhellenic women of Greek Life so that they achieve their full leadership potential, while at the same time providing guidance and support for such women’s’ individual success and endeavors. The Brown Hall Living and Learning Community encourages meaningful connections between classroom knowledge, leadership development, civic engagement and community involvement. Brown Hall Living and Learning Community aims to attract reliable, sisterly, responsible, and dedicated women to not only Greek Life, but also Valdosta State, and to assist in retaining those women through all four years of their undergraduate experience. The women of Brown Hall Living and Learning Community will provide a distinguishable and progressive impact on the entire Panhellenic community, thereby enriching student body of the Valdosta State University community as a whole. Additionally, Housing and Residence Life staff in Brown Hall will be gearing their programmatic efforts towards the development of leadership in our Panhellenic women living in Brown Hall.


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