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This is the very first social media contest put on by Valdosta State's Housing and Residence Life, and we would like to thank you for being a part of it! For this first contest, we are doing an Instagram contest with three categories to submit pictures to. The winner per category will receive a $25 gift card to the VSU Bookstore and the runner-up per category will receive a $15 gift card, and the categories are as follows:

What Are You Thankful For? (#ThankfulVSU)
Submit a picture of someone or something that you are truly thankful for. This can be anything from your best friend to that first cup of coffee in the morning.

Pay It Forward (#GoodDeedVSU)
Submit a picture of you or someone else doing a good deed that helps someone else. Highlight how you or your friends made someone's day a little bit better. No matter how small the good deed is, it is still a good deed!

Cram Session (#CramSeshVSU)
We are on the fast track to final exams, studying, and that's right, some stress. With only a few weeks until exams, this category is for you to show us how you or others are preparing for finals week (or how you should have prepared). Hit the books, pull your hair out, and get creative with this category!

To enter the Instagram Contest all you have to do is follow the Housing and Residence Life's Instagram account (vsu_housing), submit pictures with the appropriate hashtags (#ThankfulVSU, #GoodDeedVSU, or #CramSeshVSU), and make sure to follow the rules/meet the requirements. (The rules/requirements for the Instagram contest are listed below). You may submit a picture per category for the chance to win all three and rack up $75 worth of gift cards! The contest's deadline is November 21st at 11:59PM, so please ensure that all your submissions are in before that time in order to have a chance to win. We will review all the submissions on Friday, November 22nd and announce both the winners and the runner-ups by the end of the day. Good luck!



  • All entrants to the Instagram Photo Contest must be VSU students who live on campus
  • All pictures must be submitted with the appropriate #hashtag
  • All pictures must be submitted within the contest’s allotted timeframe (before November 21st)
  • All pictures that are submitted must be deemed appropriate by the housing staff
  • All pictures must follow the three designated themes

If you have any further questions, please contact Kyle O'Bryan at or Jasmine Kendrick at

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