Minors on Campus

The University System of Georgia has established the Minors on Campus program in order to provide for the safety and security of children who participate in programs sponsored by and/or held on Valdosta State University property. As Dr. Carvajal shared in the Presidential Forums, all USG institutions are required to implement their guidelines on May 1, 2017.  VSU procedures are located at the following web link:  www.valdosta.edu/minorsoncampus

These procedures provide guidelines regarding the requirements for the appropriate supervision of non-student minors who are involved in the following types of programs involving minors:
  • University sponsored programs,
  • programs operated by outside entities that are held at the University and/or housed in University facilities,
  • University sponsored programs at off-site locations.

The Office of Social Equity will coordinate registration and approval of all programs involving minors effective immediately. Valdosta State University offers a variety of programs, clinics and activities that bring non-student minors onto campus. These include but are not limited to athletic camps, after school programs, science camps, music camps, and enrichment activities. These programs are of great educational value and serve to benefit both the institution and the larger community. Through these procedures, the University seeks to promote the safety and welfare of minors and adults who participate in these programs.   Please contact the Office of Social Equity for further information. All institutional programs serving minors are encouraged to complete the training and registration requirements as soon as possible to avoid delays in their program activities. 

A criminal background check must have been run and cleared by Valdosta State University Police Department within the past 12 months before initial direct contact with non-student minors and then every 3 years afterward.


Programs and activities involving minors on campus must be registered with the university through the Protection of Minors Database at least 30 days prior to your event, with the following guidelines:

  • Registrations will be completed by the Program Administrator.
  • On-going University organized programs may register annually.
  • The link to the Youth Program Registry is below:


"Direct Contact" Guideline

Generally, speakers, presenters, exhibitors, registration/logistics volunteers, scorekeepers, clock operators, competition judges, campus tour guides, and alumni admission interviewers do not have care, custody or control of minors and therefore are not considered to have direct contact with minors.

Frequently Asked Questions