Strategic Plan

Our Planning Components

Our Strategic Plan is the overarching document that captures what we hope to accomplish from a broad perspective. The Master Plan is the document approved by the Board of Regents which outlines our projected campus needs in terms of our physical and functional relationships. The Budget Plan is approved by Board of Regents for a given fiscal year and includes additional Initiative requests supported by strategic funds as approved through the Planning and Budget Council (PBC). The Facilities Plan is managed by our Facilities Planning Advisory group. This group is responsible for managing the work flow of our physical growth; including requests for renovations and space usage changes, as well as implementation Master Plan construction projects. The External Plan refers to the work of the Division of University Advancement, which coordinates alumni outreach, fundraising, and the University Foundation. Each of these components plays a crucial part in our overall planning effort at VSU.

VSU Strategic Planning 2013

This is an exciting time to be at Valdosta State University! With a new university president, we are ready to begin the important task of building our new University Strategic Plan. The University Strategic Planning Committee consists of broad representation from our University and community. These committee members will guide strategic planning efforts to include design, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of goals.

Documents will be posted to this web page and opportunities for your input will be requested at various intervals during the process. Your role in planning at VSU is to participate in this challenging process by setting lofty goals but balancing them with realistic expectations. Envision how you can be a part of progress within the university and work to accomplish that within your unit.






Identify an external consultant to assist with plan development

October 2012

Identify members to serve on a Strategic Planning Committee

February 11-14, 2013




Conduct on-campus interviews with VSU faculty, staff and student and community representatives

March 27, 2013

Conduct an on-campus planning retreat and focus groups with VSU faculty, stuff, and students and community representatives

March 27, 2013

Solicit input from the entire campus community through open forum(s) and/or website

April 2013



Analyze data collected from interviews and focus groups

May-June 2013

Draft Strategic Plan

May-June 2013

Present final plan to Strategic Planning Committee, Planning and Budget Council, and University Council

late July 2013


Submit Strategic Plan to USG

August 2013


Publicize and implement new Strategic Plan

August 2013


Monitor and evaluate implementation of plan

August 2013 forward



During this planning process, your ideas and suggestions are welcomed. Send them to one of the following individuals:

  • Mr. Russ Mast, Committee Co-Chair, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students

  • Dr. Hudson P. Rogers, Committee Co-Chair, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

  • Committee members: Dr. Michael Black, Mr. Stanley Jones, Dr. Aubrey Fowler (Faculty Senate Representative), Dr. Darrell Ross, Dr. Mike Savoie, Dr. Jay Rickman, Ms. Traycee Martin, Dr. Alan Bernstein, Ms. Shannon McGee, Ms. Bonnie Martin, Dr. Lorraine Schmertzing, Mr. Keith Warburg (COSA Representative)

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